Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Duped again

It is nights like these that test the limits of my maternal patience. After an otherwise pleasant day, Will became fiercely determined just before bed time to sleep with a water-proof pad under his mattress. This we soon realized was because he knew Aunt Alicia (following my suggestion) took some extra precautions for the bed Will slept in over the weekend since his last nighttime accident was only a few weeks prior.

Like a royal fool, I finally relented and told him I’d put a small waterproof pad (all we have) under the mattress pad, explaining all the while that this would only protect part of the mattress if he had an accident, that the sheets and his underwear and his pajamas would still all be soaked and in need of changing. We made a deal: I’d put the pad on just so he could have that under him like he had at Aunt Alicia’s and he would NOT intentionally pee in the bed.

Never make a deal with a three-year-old.

15 minutes after bedtime Will emerged, grinning from ear to ear, underwear and PJs soaking, and announced that he had peed on the pad.

I know. I had it coming.

It was all I could do to contain the curses and instead talk gently with Will about how he’d made a difficult night for me – with laundry to do now – and about how yucky he felt in those pee-soaked PJs. He apologized genuinely and agreed that it would be the last time he peed in the bed on purpose, and I really do believe him this time (although I wouldn’t be surprised if we have a genuine accident or two ahead of us before we retire our hats as potty trainers once and for all).

But geez, why do we have to teach our kids even the most ridiculous lessons??

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