Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Meet my morbid author

I keep meaning to mention that this book is a good one for inspiring your child to try his or her hand at authorship (the protagonist is a mouse who lives in the library and becomes a prolific author, sneaking his self-published books onto the shelves for patrons to enjoy and eventually inspiring kids at the library to become authors and illustrators too).

After we read it, Will thought he’d like to write a book. The result was a gruesome tragedy dedicated to his friend Creight. I was so tempted to censor his morbid ending (we make a point of not allowing Will to watch anything but benign gunless, commercial-free TV shows on PBS and we don’t have any toy guns in the house, but viewing the documentary “Raising Cain” a while back made me realize that a little semi-violent fantasy is probably normal and maybe even healthy for boys). Still I did offer my apologies to Creight’s parents.

Here’s the manuscript for Will’s debut novel, page by page. Plus the final bloody illustration, which I don’t think Will actually intended to make bloody at all. He was just enjoying his red marker.

Cover Page: “The Doggy Cat Book” by Will

Page 1: This book is dedicated to Creight Lawrence. I love Creight.

Page 2: I’m the cat of the colors.

Page 3: I’m the drawing and I can talk. He just says, “Dear Will.”

Page 4: The cat dies because someone hunted him down.
About the author: Will Addington is 3 years old. (This was all the information he was willing to reveal).

So grab some construction paper for a cover and some white paper for the pages, staple it all together, and see if your kids want to write a book of their own. Maybe theirs will end more pleasantly. I need to try this again because just this weekend Will made a giant leap from furious scribbling to drawing giant-bodied people with tiny stick legs and arms and nearly imperceptible dots for eyes.
And if you have any suggestions for channeling Will's gun-toting, hunting-down-animal instincts -- or if you think these things are best left unchanneled and uncensored, let me know.

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