Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carving Chaos

Meet Sir Philtrum, so named because Rob thought the space I left as I drew his mouth below his nose was a bit large. (He was originally Sir Septum but then we realized he doesn't have a septum at all since he's just got one big honker of a nostril.)

Here’s Rob stalling on his role of carving out that mouth and instead providing some electric-ghoulish background music while Owen dances and Will draws some hair on the pumpkin. (We had to invent some way for him to contribute – besides deciding on the shapes and locations of the eyes and nose – when he was asking to do carving duties.) Unfortunately Sir Septum’s washable marker hair job has pretty much faded away.

Will enjoyed digging out the guts of the pumpkin for a while until he got squeamish and I had to finish the job, including seed separation so we could enjoy some pumpkin seeds roasted with olive oil and salt. Mmmmm. Will thinks they taste like twigs and Rob pretty much agrees, so I get to eat them all.

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