Thursday, August 2, 2007

Silly Will: Episode II

“Mom where does a wedding ring go?” Will asks, as he holds up a ring (a birthday party favor) with a giant plastic blue rhinestone at the center.

I help him put the ring on his left ring finger. “Are you getting married?”


“Who are you marrying?”

“I’m going to marry Puff.” (This is one of three imaginary friends Will often plays with and tells stories about: Puff, Alley and Tit. They’re all boys – no imaginary animals in this crew -- although Puff’s name was inspired by our singing Puff the Magic Dragon together at the piano.)

“Can we get my wedding clothes?” he asks. “I’m going to wear a black wedding shirt.”
He finds a black shirt with a brilliant turquoise floral imprint in my closet and puts it on. Then he announces he needs shoes, so I tell him he can select a pair of mine if he likes. He picks some turquoise flip-flops that happen to match the shirt quite nicely.

“I look like a girl,” he says. “Puff looks like a girl too.”

Turns out Alley and Tit will be getting married soon too – “a couple days before my birthday,” explains Will, who turns three on August 31.

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