Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Big beautiful balding baby-man

I’ve noticed over the past week that Owen’s growing body fits perfectly in my arms now. He’s no longer that fragile infant, slightly awkward to hold. (At 7 weeks, I’m starting to pull out the old 3-6 month outfits already.) He and I are beginning to really talk to each other more. He makes wonderful expressive bird-like word-caws as he works his arms in engaged little circles. And he’s attending to life a bit more each day, staying awake for the first half of a walk around the park and tracking his big brother as he moves around the room.

Will notices it too. “Mom, Owen’s watching me!” he says with excitement. We take a picture to document the fact that Owen is looking at Will – and not just because we’ve set Will in his line of sight.

Will takes the cliché, “they grow up so fast,” and runs with it:

“Mommy, Owen is a big man. He’s not a baby anymore.”

And if you look at the hair line on the back of Owen’s head, you’d almost say it’s true. Admiring Owen’s top-bald head in the mirror yesterday, I remembered this Saturday Night Live “commercial” marketing baby toupees for male infantile baldness . No toupees for us though. We think our balding boy’s quite beautiful.

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