Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More fun with boxes

We may be back from our big trip to Colorado, but the boys continue to travel in house.

Today they rowed in these side-by-side boats for a while and later boarded this “connecting flight” to who knows where.

They carefully selected the luggage they would need for their journey and stowed it in the "overhead bins" on the bed. They also pulled the bed covers to the floor to create a tent-like extra storage compartment.

I remain a sucker for clean-looking boxes that I find on the curbside, mostly because I know that while it may be just a box to you and me, it's a blank slate for creative play for young kids. These I spotted behind the flower shop the other day, and they have bought us hours of happy playtime already.

“Thank you for getting these boxes, mom,” Will told me today. “They are great for making airplanes and boats.”

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