Sunday, June 27, 2010

World Cup fever

We haven't been watching much world cup since our extreme-basic cable package doesn't even include ESPN. So we were pretty excited to watch the U.S. play Ghana yesterday. About 10 minutes into the game Will ran off to his room and reappeared looking like this. Not much later we had to suit Owen up too.

Maybe it was because the U.S. was down by 1, but Will soon got restless as a cleat-and-shin-guard-wearing spectator, so I spent much of the second half actually playing soccer with Will and Owen outside, which at least made the loss less painful.

After the game we had a brief whole-family soccer game with the sprinklers on and then Rob and Will stayed out for a longer game of one-on-one. I'm thinking Will played as much soccer as the World Cup players yesterday, even with their overtime.

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