Thursday, June 10, 2010

Colorado in pictures

We're wrapping up our Colorado vacation, where we've enjoyed lots of playing, biking, swimming and hiking and nothing but comfortable sunny days. Here are some highlights:

Owen learns to "swim" at the Glenwood Springs Pool, where the water's so comfortably warm we wound up staying 5 hours.
A concert with Grammy.

Exploring Sweetwater Indian Cave, where some pictographs from Ute Indians who used the cave for storage hundreds of years ago linger, surrounded unfortunately, by plenty of contemporary graffiti.

Owen wasn't sure he wanted to go on a hike until we told him he could bring this flashlight.

Close encounters of the bird kind. This Cassin's finch, which was blind in one eye, got used to us while we were eating dinner outside and gradually Will made his way closer and closer to the bird feeder.

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