Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day at the beach

I think I may have enjoyed my favorite mother's day weekend to date -- at the beach with the boys this weekend.

Normally Rob and I seek out state park beaches that are undeveloped and teeming with wildlife. But Rob had a meeting Friday relatively close to Panama City so we decided to make that our beach destination.
Turns out the Redneck Riviera is a pretty great place to take kids, and a super affordable place to get a beachfront hotel on an off weekend. And those obnoxious mini-golf courses that line the strip as you drive in were a hit with Will and Owen.

We spent most of our time on the beach digging giant holes and making "volcanoes,"

burying Will in the sand

and watching dolphins, among other things:

We made daily trips to the heated pool, where by day 2, our once water-timid Will finally learned how to swim, albeit not so gracefully,

Owen averaged about 35 hits per hole on the goofy golf course, but always managed to get his ball in the hole

and Will and Owen had the first ferris wheel ride of their lives.

I tried to tell Will repeatedly that we were not in "Hanama City" but "Panama City" but it just wouldn't sink in. Finally, he admitted, "I really like Hannah Monatana." He got in a few "Panama City" pronunciations yesterday, but today as he was making all kinds of plans for his future, he slipped again.
"I want to have a small house when I grow up but I want to build it myself so I can have it just how I like it. I want to be a palentologist and live in Hanama City."

"Me too," said Owen, who desperately wished that we didn't have to come home yesterday.

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