Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Birthday pup and the graduate

Today Will graduated from pre-k and Harvey graduated from puppyhood. I'm not saying he's grown out of all his crazy puppy behaviors, but he is exactly one year old and he has matured way more than I ever imagined he could even four months ago -- and we are all loving our sweet dog.

And I'm not saying Will's outgrown all his crazy little kid antics, but he's getting gentler, more thoughtful, more reflective in his old age too. He had a case of the nerves combined with the beginning of a cold that had him too out of sorts to brave the stage for a medley of pre-k year-in-review songs. But he got his diploma and, having evaded the daunting task of speaking his line "In August, we made new friends" into the microphone, he was content to celebrate with his friends. (Will inherited my little-kid-shy genes although I never point this out to him since I don't want to define him as shy or make him feel otherwise doomed to follow in my quaking-with-fear footsteps.)
Here's the graduate delivering pseudo doggy birthday cake (or more accurately, dog food iced with shredded chicken) to the birthday pup.

A portrait in birthday hats. (We were going to let Will and Owen blow out the candle but Harvey snuffed it out first.)

And the dog digs into his gifts (wrapped by Will in newspaper).

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