Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tooth fairy talk

Anticipating a visit from an older friend who had likely already lost some of her teeth, Will launched into some tooth fairy skepticism yesterday. Here's how we danced around the issue:

W: "I don’t think there’s really a tooth fairy because fairies aren’t real, right mom?"

M: "Usually I think of fairies just being in stories but a lot of people say there’s a tooth fairy."

W: "Who says it? Do the scientists say it?"

M: "No, I don’t think the scientists do. But lots of parents and story books say there are tooth fairies."

W: "Do you think there’s a tooth fairy?"

M: "I’ve never actually seen a tooth fairy. But when I was a kid and I lost a tooth I’d put it in a little pillow with a special tooth fairy pocket and in the morning my tooth would be gone and there would be a quarter there."

W: “All you got was a quarter?!!?”

And so we left behind those tricky tooth fairy questions and launched into a more innocent discussion about inflation.

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