Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Events for the weekend -- and the sick report

I've failed to keep up the blog for a week because I've been out of town and then out of commission. My parents arrived on Friday and Rob and I promptly scurried off to a Pine Mountain cabin for a weekend to ourselves while the grandparents babysat the boys. On Sunday we met up at Callaway and tried to introduce my parents, who'd flown in from some still snowy Colorado weather, to a taste of summer at Robin Lake Beach.
And then on Monday Owen and I came down with what seems to be the same peristent little virus that Will had the week before (the current theory with the doctor and me is that Will never had strep). So while Owen and I have been fighting high fevers and sore throats and congestion, my parents have been babysitting and taking care of things. I am grateful to have them here and the boys have done more puzzles and played more games in four days than they have in months.

This winter and spring has taught me a lot about patience and acceptance, and I'm hopeful that once I finally get my exhausted immune system some recovery time over the summer, I'll be back to relative good health for a long time to come.

This weekend we're hoping to have at least a momentary spell of good health. There are a lot of fun events for the weekend that we're hoping to take part in including a "Dinner on the Farm" Saturday night at the Jenny Jack Sun Farm and a Midtown "Party on The Lawn"of Wynnton Arts Academy from 3:30 to 6:30 on Sunday, featuring rythym and blues by Peggy Jenkins and the Bizness and free refreshments and face painting. Bring lawn chairs if you come.

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