Monday, April 12, 2010

Camping on the farm

This weekend we babysat a friend’s daughter in the woods for a few hours and in exchange we got to play and camp on their rural wooded property.

Owen still hasn’t learned how to sleep well in his own sleeping bag, but in spite of the sleep that both he and I lose in a tent, spending a weekend under the stars and in the woods with my boys is more than worth it.

A few photos:

Four-wheeler riding (one perk of staying near a well-equipped friend’s house)

Campfire sing-along

Hot dog (and marshmallow) roasting and consuming. (We also roasted vegetables in our newly acquired dutch oven.)

Ravine climbing (we are getting excited about an upcoming camping trip with grandma and grandpa to Arches National Park in Utah, where we’ll get to climb on real rock)

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