Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'Working' on Labor Day

Yesterday, in celebration of Labor Day (and because he's got several deadlines looming at the end of the month) Rob decided to do a little unofficial take-your-family-to-work day. We spent the morning poking around The Nature Conservancy and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service office on Fort Benning where Rob works (which includes kid attractions like a stuffed Canada goose and a stuffed hawk) and then riding out to a field site in his work truck. We passed firing ranges and a small group of soldiers enacting a hillside firefight on the way and I was kind of relieved that the boys didn't notice one soldier sprawled out on his back, playing dead.
Soon we were off in the woods on our own and Rob actually managed to do a little field work while the boys and I bushwacked around and played with sticks. Whether or not they'd been inspired by the firing ranges we passed on the way, Will and Owen quickly turned many of the sticks to weapons as they shouted "boom boom" in chorus.
Will stopped to smell lots of flowers, and he helped daddy reel in some measuring tape.
We saw a live rattle snake from the truck and enjoyed a picnic by a pond before heading for home. Maybe we'll make working with daddy on labor day an annual tradition -- as long as he's still got some field work in his job description.


April said...

Annie - looks like a fun day... i so gotta go to bed, but wanted to tell you i'm homeschooling lucy again, jasper will be in preschool, we start it all tomorrow. i'll let you know how it goes. glad your two guys are happy in preschool. love, april

shannon said...

uh, I was in Wal-Mart getting a diaper pail for my cloth diapers and we were passing through the sports section (also had to get some knee pads for Nora's dance recital). . . . A lady behind the counter was doing something with a big 'ol rifle and had it pointed in our direction. It was scary. I tried to turn around so Cavan wouldn't see but he saw and was fascinated.

He was recently playing at a friend's house. The friend had some toy cowboy guns and Cavan loved them. The mother and I wouldn't have known each other's stance on this but I could have guessed this country friend's family is well into hunting, etc. I really don't mind the "natural" introduction of guns into Cavan's understanding, as long as he knows how we feel about them, too.

I guess he remembered other talks I've had with him. I reiterated that we never use guns on people and that he never be in the same room as a real gun. Later that day, when picking up some buttermilk from a farm, the farmer was walking around his field with a rifle. Cavan could not contain his delight. He asked me why that farmer had the gun and I came up with some farm-like suggestions. . . . He ended the day's subject with this offering: "When I grow up, I'm definitely going to be a good-hunter-man."

Now he and his big sister play "Princess and Good Hunter" on a daily basis.