Friday, September 18, 2009

Painting marathon

Today I kept Will home after he caught Owen's fever and kept it for just 12 hours or so. So we were all feeling fine but keeping our potentially contagious selves away from the rest of the world. It was a nice excuse to hold a paint marathon. We started by doing birthday paintings for my grandma, who turns 92 next week. We titled our masterpieces. My "Sunset encounter between elephant and turtle" could rival any kindergartener in artistic sophistication and was intentionally placed where you can't quite make it out in this photo. Will's "Rainbow" was more beautiful. And Owen did his staple piece of art work "My House" using many thick layers of blended paint.

And then the boys kept wanting to keep painting. Will produced "Zoo" and "Pretty in the Forest" and Owen produced "My House," the sequel. Then we cut and bent eight legs into toilet paper tubes and the boys painted spiders to hang for Halloween.
Their creations still need eyes and look generally less spiderish than I envisioned when I found these tube spider instructions online (Will decided it would be fun to patterns and multi-colors instead of going for all black). But we'll hang them anyway after we've spent a month amassing other vaguely ghoulish art.

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