Saturday, October 25, 2008

Little climber and his big accomplice

Rob tends to encourage Owen’s climbing endeavors even more than I do. The other day as Rob was strumming his guitar in the kitchen he watched while Owen pushed a chair beside the kitchen counter, climbed atop the chair and stood reaching for a ceramic mug filled with pens, pencils and a big pair of scissors. That was the moment I came in and gave both boys a friendly scolding as I swooped Owen off his perch and returned him to the floor.

“Look how much he’s learning, though,” Rob said.
A few minutes later, I watched Owen push a chair next to the stove and touch one of the burner dials before I came swooping in warning him about the dangers of stoves.
“See how much he’s learning,” I said to Rob.
But that just inspired Rob set up a more precarious climbing for challenge for Owen. So he held this kid’s chair on top of the kitchen chair and spotted Owen as he scaled to the top of his father’s crazy contraption, which was of course designed primarily to either make me protest or make me laugh.
I did both, took a moment out for the photo, and then rescued Owen again.

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