Monday, October 27, 2008

Bringing in the leaves

Fall is my favorite season for nature art. Will and Owen both love to hunt for leaves. Will likes to collect them; Owen likes to hold them and crush them. We’ve glued leaves on paper, made crayon rubbings of leaves and this weekend Will and I put together a simple fall wreath.

We bought a $3 twig wreath at Michaels, then went outside collecting leaves, pinecones and acorns. Will helped me position the leaves, burying their stems in the wreath, while Owen added to the challenge, occasionally capturing one of Will's leaves and tearing it up beyond recognition. I tied on the pinecones with yarn and then secured things in place with a glue gun – and then I got lazy and tossed the acorns back outside when I noticed they would be almost imperceptible on the wreath.

We’ve already lost a few of the not-so-well-glued leaves to the wind, but we’re still enjoying our autumn wreath. We’ll discard the leaves whenever it’s time to transition toward Christmas wreaths and store the twiggy wreath frame for next year’s leaf collection.

What do your kids do with leaves?


shannon said...

Beautiful wreath!
Nora and Cavan and I waxed leaves last year and hung them from string all over the house. We just melted the wax and dipped them in- it gives them this translucent look.

Annie Addington said...

I love that idea. I'll file it away for next year.