Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend sound bytes

Scene one:
I stand fully clothed preparing to hand Owen off for a shower with Daddy and Will takes one look at my stomach and says, “Mommy, I think you have a baby in there. Your tummy’s really big.”


While it’s true that I was arching my back and sticking the tummy forward a little to support Owen it is also true that I’ve never quite lost the last of my pregnancy pooch.

Time to fianlly start doing some crunches, 14 months after my midwife first prescribed them.

Scene two:
Luckily, Owen can’t make observations about my little pooch of a belly. But he is learning to name more and more people in his life. Still he is generally not quite willing to relinquish ownership of these names that don’t belong to him. Once upon a time he would point at Dad and say “dada” – now he’s decided to keep these names for himself.

Here's a little exercise we did at the dinner table tonight after Rob and I had made this observation about Owen to each other.

“Where’s mama?” I ask.

“Mama,” Owen says with a grin and points to himself.

“Where’s Dada?”

“Dada” Owen says and points to himself.

“Can you say Ms. Brooke?” I ask, naming one of his teachers at school, both of whom told me last week that Owen’s calling them by name.

“Ba,” he says and points to himself.

“Can you say Ms. Jenny?”

“Jjjjjuh,” he says and points to himself.

“Can you say brother?” I said, pointing to Will.

“Baba,” he says, and miracle of miracles, points out from his little egocentric 14-month-old self at Will.

(It probably helped that I pointed first.)


Greg Euston said...

Hi Annie,

I see that you occasionally still write a gardening piece for the Ledger-Enquirer. Would you be interested in a fall planting story with about 30 third graders from Rigdon Road Elementary on Friday morning?



Annie Addington said...

Sounds like a fun time. Unfortunately I'm teaching preschool now on Friday mornings. Call the Ledger at 706-571-8565 to see if anyone's interested in covering it for you.