Thursday, May 1, 2008

You're invited to a bad-boys party

Yesterday we celebrated my mom’s birthday (a day earlier since she was flying home today). Will was a bit disturbed that we didn’t have a theme for Grammy’s birthday. “What kind of animal birthday are you going to have?” he asked her once.

Will has been plotting the theme and the gifts for his next birthday ever since he turned three – although his ideas change of course. Yesterday, he announced “I’m going to have a cake with bad boys and race cars with eyes.”

These are his current obsessions. “Bad boys” is his term for spider man and bat man – superheroes who he’s learned about from friends at pre-school but never seen on television. “Race cars with eyes” is his term for all the anthropomorphized toy vehicles inspired by the movie “Cars,” which I’m pretty sure Will doesn’t even realize is a movie. (For now, I’ve chosen to omit the fact that there are movies with these cars and “bad boys” as protagonists so that he can keep playing with the concepts according to his own imagined script. He doesn’t ask; I don’t mention it.)

And I have from now until late August to figure out how to convince Will that it might be fun to try something other than a “bad boys birthday party.” Although it might be worth it to hear the reactions if those invitations get sent out.
What horrid, inventive or otherwise amusing birthday themes have your kids tried to talk you into?

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shannon said...

Amusing (from Nora but I'm sure horrid may be coming from Cavan): her last party was slated all year to be a "double chocolate butterfly" party. I got those butterfly molds and made chocolate butterflies on sticks to fly around her garden cake. . . but had to convince her we couldn't fit all the double-chocolate info. on the invitation.