Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Preschool pedicures

Yesterday, in the middle of a painting and coloring session Will decided he wanted to paint his nails with marker because “some people do that at school” (meaning some people -- we'll assume they're girls -- come to school with painted nails). Perhaps if I weren’t such a slacker when it comes to toenail aesthetics, nail-painting, would seem more mundane to Will, but he’s never seen me in painted nails so I’m sure it adds to the intrigue.

I started to protest his nail coloring plan, and I did point out (in a purely informational tone, not a ridiculing one) that typically women and girls paint their nails. But Will was eager to take on the project and I thought, well the markers are washable – what’s the harm in it? So he painted every one of his fingernails and toenails red. I didn’t want him to get the marker in his mouth, so we washed the hands almost immediately -- but only after I agreed to take this photo so he could show his dad what he’d done. I told Will he could keep the toenails painted if he’d wear his easily washable crocs for our walk to the park. Of course as soon as he started swinging he kicked off his crocs, leaving some rather feminine looking toenails on display for all park-goers to see. Rob was more than happy to wash that nail job off in the bath.

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Monkey's Mommy said...

My own nearly four year old asked "for red toes like Mommy and BigMama" - didn't even think to do washable markers!