Saturday, December 8, 2007

Snapshots from a Christmas parade

We made it downtown for the annual Christmas parade today, where Owen, roused from a stroller nap by the big bass drum in a military marching band, watched bewildered and Will, enjoying the first parade of his life, stayed mesmerized. Highlights for Will included several fire trucks, some horse poop (much more interesting to look at than the parade of 50-some horses that left it behind), a big inflatable snowman that Will dubbed "Frost" (he's on chummy terms with all decorative snowmen this holiday season) and of course the big red-suited guy himself("but those reindeer aren't real" Will noted.)

I was more captivated by the oversized slice of pizza playing electric guitar over the banner "Our hope is Jesus" (too intrigued in fact to remember to get a photo).

And there were other Christmas parade staples like this crucified Jesus (well in advance of Easter)these Star Wars fanatics

and this death sleigh

But at a parade I most enjoy watching the little spectators:

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