Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas, Christmas and Christmas again

By the time we hit our third Christmas with my parents in Colorado yesterday (after a Christmas with Nana, Papa and Aunt Alicia in Atlanta Saturday and a Christmas with Rob’s grandparents Sunday), Will had begun to have his fill of unwrapping gifts. He opened a few presents yesterday, but wanted to play with each one and lost interest in acquiring more, so there’s still several under the tree (and a couple that my mom and I abducted for his four-year birthday after realizing that he had PLENTY of new toys).

And all Will really wanted was one little helicopter (which Santa, fortunately, delivered).

Here’s his Christmas Eve letter to Santa, which we laid out on the hearth with some cookies and hot cocoa. The only intervention on my part involved jumping in after the helicopter request and suggesting that we should just ask for one toy since Santa already had his sleigh loaded (I was afraid of a plea for one of those giant $300 battery-operated plastic cars that kids occasionally drive recklessly around the park as Will watches in awe and I watch mortified).

“Dear Santa,

I love you and I hope you bring me a helicopter. Hi Rudolph. Ho ho ho. Each little hoof.


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