Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa's lap

I decided to avoid standing in a line at a mall and paying $15 for a single photo with Santa this year. Instead we snuck over to the Phenix City public library for the first time ever after hearing that Santa would be making an appearance at the children's story hour. Santa appeared with a beard a bit less authentic looking than the professional guy at the mall and I took some less-than-professional-looking photos of the boys and Santa. But it was such a relaxed experience that I hope to find free Santas from here on out. This one even gave out loaded stockings -- and we got a little Night Before Christmas reading and sweet refreshments to boot.

I'd whisked napping Owen off for the event in his pajamas, with no intentions of having him lap sit, but he seemed to like jolly old fellow just fine so he got a turn in too:

Will was a little puzzled by the absence of a sleigh though. He asked me how Santa got to the library and decided that he must have just walked this time. After all, there was no evidence of reindeer. He just sauntered on in, hauling his sack of stockings himself.

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