Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deep thoughts by Owen

Owen’s gotten pretty good about saying please lately. Here he is asking for another mosquito bite (or perhaps just requesting that I make his current bite magically disappear.)

“I have skeeto bite on my knee. I have skeeto bite, please.”

But I think Owen’s favorite new word is “actually.” Will, who likes to point out quite often that “actually…” such and such is the case, gets the credit as vocabulary teacher on this one. Here’s Owen using “actually” to share a little truth about our world.

“Actually I big kid. Will big kid. Daddy big kid. Mommy big kid. All kids big kids.”

And one more of Owen’s deep thoughts to part on:

“I got my gas out. My gas makes me feel better.”

So… may you play like a big kid and get all your gas out today. Please.

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