Sunday, August 23, 2009

Boat notes

Some boating firsts from our weekend trip to Lake Rabun:

Harvey enjoys his first-ever boat ride (much more than he enjoyed his first-ever dip in the lake).
Will enjoys his first time driving the boat, with Papa giving pointers. Our swerving course may have led a few far-off onlookers to wonder if we had a drunken captain, but the only thing Will was imbibing was pure joy.

And we took our first family-of-four canoe ride. The upside of canoeing on a lake populated by motor boats is that the kids love swaying up and down on the boat wakes. Plus we can make it over to our favorite little waterfall hike across the lake in less time than it takes us to drive, and get some extra exercise and fresh air en route.


Grace said...

Looks fun! We need to take our canoe out with the girls.

Annie Addington said...

Yes, I'm already plotting the day when we can take the boys as teenagers on a big canoe-and-camp trip through the Boundary Waters.