Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering Nana on Mother's Day

This mother's day, we remember Ann (our Nana). Nothing was more important to her than being a loving mother and grandmother, and she was wonderful in both roles. We miss her so much.
I asked Will to draw a picture from this photo of Nana and him at St. Augustine last summer, and we compiled the photo, his drawing and some writing and remembering he did about Nana in one picture, which we'll frame as a tribute to Nana. Here are the pieces of that tribute, shown separately.

Things I remember about Nana:
She loves me.
She’s really sweet.
She tells me stories.
She sings “My Man’s a Garbage Man.” I like it, because I like trash.
May 2009

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Grace said...

Too sweet. Glad Will has these memories.