Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cabin camping

Rob’s dad came down this weekend for what was supposed to be Owen’s first-ever camping trip at Pine Mountain. But we got spooked by a rainy forecast and Papa decided to treat us to a night in one of the Callaway cottages instead. From our cottage, Will could ride on the bike paths to Robin Lake beach while we pushed Owen in the stroller. Owen played on the beach while Will and Papa squeezed in some fishing. Back at the cottage, we grilled hot dogs on the back deck instead of over a campfire – and roasted some marshmallows over the grill for dessert. Here’s Owen dragging his marshmallow (not pictured) over the coals while Will laughs at the mess. All in all, it was a pretty luxurious camping experience, topped off by a tasty breakfast buffet at the Callaway lodge instead of our customary Coleman stove oatmeal.

Next time Papa comes to camp, I might just hope for rain. Still, I’m looking forward to getting in a tent again one of these days.

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