Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pure, naked joy

Recently Will and Owen have adopted a post-bath ritual in which they run naked around our house, slapping their thighs and laughing as they go. It’s great fun to watch and hear, but I quickly realized that the naked run was revving Owen up rather than quieting him down before bed. I was paying for those few minutes of fun as I tried to pat wide-eyed Owen to sleep for an extra 10 minutes each night.

So yesterday, we switched things up and went with a pre-bath naked run. Today, we left on underwear and diapers and started the “run” a good 15 minutes before bathtime, which gave the boys a healthy frolic session while Rob and I got to attend to our own chores uninterrupted. For some reason, when they’re wearing nothing but their respective loincloths, Will and Owen are too happy to squabble or whine -- and life is just plain good.


Grace said...

And its not just a boy thing - the 2 girls used to do it every night before bath. Clothes off, runaway naked girls. It was tough to round them up and get them in the tub. FUN!

Tashahart said...

my little girl love to romp around naked. it's hilarious and all in good fun.

Tashahart said...
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