Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dog wear

The proportion of Will’s pants bearing wide-open slits in one knee is running upwards of 50 percent -- and climbing fast. This is because the kid remains addicted to pretending he’s a dog, at least a full year after he first became obsessed with this pastime along with his other 3-year-old classmates at preschool. Many of those friends have adopted upright roles since then – as superheroes, policemen, firemen and the like -- but apparently there’s still plenty of room for one quick-footed (or, more precisely, quick-kneed) dog in their fantasies. Will prides himself on being a smart and speedy dog and I’ve decided to swallow my pride when it comes to dressing him. (Not that I’ve ever been one to make a fuss over fashion to begin with.)

I did an iron-on patch for one pair of jeans but I’ve been procrastinating on all the other pants. So for now we’re sending Will to school with his knees peeking out. It’s just too hard keeping a dog well dressed.

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