Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3, going on 4

Playing weekend catch-up:

Owen celebrated his birthday Sunday, but he enjoyed a weekend full of parties -- on Saturday, with a few friends, an inflatable slide pool, a giraffe cake and an elephant pinyata

note Will's ferocious determination to give the thing a fatal whack.

The boys woke up early Saturday morning, excited for the party and Rob and I, still in bed, listened to Will talking to Owen in the hallway: "You grew last night," Will said. "You're a whole new 3 size. Yep, your pants aren't quite fitting..." And they went to the growth chart to do some measurements.

On Sunday Owen got his first scooter and his first bike as birthday presents. (We are grateful for the new bike path a block up the street.)
and enjoyed his second opportunity to blow out the number 3 candle.

I think he may have been spoiled by too much birthdaying though, because today he asked me, with a bit of whine in his voice, "Mommy, when am I EVER going to have my four-year-old birthday?"

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