Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fun at Fernbank

One highlight of our holiday weekend was a rare 10-hour date for Rob and I that included Christmas shopping in Atlanta, dinner and a movie while Rob's dad and sister played with the boys and put them to bed.

Another was a trip to Fernbank Museum of Natural History, where Will and Owen marveled at everything from stuffed wildlife native to Georgia to huge replicas of dinosaur skeletons -- and some interactive exhibits in the "Sensing Nature" exhibit and in the children's discovery areas. Will and Owen agreed that a trip to Fernbank was even more fun than a trip to the zoo, perhaps because they weren't at all intimitated by the motionless animals (they tend to get spooked by gorillas and tigers and the like). Will said his favorite things in the museum were some model dinosaur babies emerging from large dinosaur eggs and a stuffed barred owl. Then Will reconsidered and said, "Actually Papa was my favorite thing."


A Teacher's Touch said...

I love reading about your adventures with your two boys. I think of you often.
Linda McCardle

Annie Addington said...

I think of your kindergarten classroom often too. Wishing I could get Will in a kindergarten class next year where there is as much emphasis on authentic reading, writing and learning as was evident in yours. I hope your vision for writing workshops will expand throughout the district.