Monday, November 2, 2009

Tricks for those treats

The other day I stumbled upon this mamapedia site with suggestions for how to handle the haul of candy that your children bring in on Halloween night. I half considered letting them pick out several pieces to keep and eat through the week, and then letting them trade the rest in for a little book or toy of their choosing. (Some moms had instituted a tradition of letting their kids leave the candy for “the Great Pumpkin” in exchange for a toy or money.)

But yesterday, the day after Halloween, with their Jac-o-lanterns’ perched up on a cabinet, they never thought to ask for their candy, so we just had a candy-free day. When they do ask, I’ll probably suggest that we count and organize the treats, pick out seven favorites and save the rest for our road trip treat stash or for decorating a holiday gingerbread house.

Am I Halloween grinch? Do you let your kids indulge in heaps of candy – or do you have tricks for happily limiting sweet consumption too.


Grace said...

Last year they never asked about it after Halloween night (I was in total shock!).

This year they have asked and they had several pieces Sat. night, one Sunday and one today. That will do it. I just said that was it and it will go in the trash.

I don't care if I am a grinch! I have to pay the dentist bills and they know its not healthy anyway. Plus I don't want to be tempted to eat it either!!

George said...

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