Monday, July 13, 2009

Two, going on six

First thing Saturday morning, Owen and I had a conversation about his birthday. It went like this:

“Happy Birthday Owen.”

“No, it not my birthday.”

“Yes it is. Guess how old you are, Owen? Two.”

“No, I not two. I five.”

“Did you know that Will’s going to be five years old on his birthday? Is that why you said that?”

“No I goin’ be five.”

Owen enjoyed a small but lively birthday party, and at cake time he sang happy birthday to himself right along with the crowd. Instead of blowing on his candles he showed off the work we’ve been doing on learning to spit toothpaste out in the sink – and he spit all over the cake.
Occasionally he admitted to being two over the course of the day, but mostly he stuck with five.

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