Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Egg and floor dyeing

We did some early Easter egg dyeing yesterday. I flirted with the idea of keeping things peaceful and waiting until Owen was napping to embark on the messy project. But I knew he was going to love dropping dye tablets in water and swirling eggs in multiple color baths too much to deprive him of this pre-Easter ritual. So I mustered some extra patience and we had a great time together even if we did crack an egg or two and dye the floor, table and counters in the process.

We wound up making multimedia eggs – first coloring them with crayon, then dyeing them, then letting them dry and coloring them with marker. Will made an egg for each member of our family drawn in marker with our name written on the egg as well. Then he wanted to cover over everything with the stickers that had come in our Paas packet. I secretly believe that the stickers ruin a beautiful hand-decorated egg, so I suggested making a super sticker prize egg, which had all the stickers on it. Will thought this was a marvelous idea and had soon blanketed a single egg in stickers.

Will told me he thinks he’s going to find more eggs than me on Easter morning. He’s probably right, although I may give a few subtle assists to Owen as he tries to compete with the keen eyes of his older brother for the hunt.

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