Monday, January 19, 2009

Buzz boy

Today while I was out running errands, Rob and Will conspired to surprise me with this:

Will's hair reduced to buzz cut.

They were smart to do it while I was away because I would have protested if I'd been on site.

I'm one of those mother's with a certain nostalgia for my boys' hair, so I'm kind of missing Will's now and awaiting the day when it returns to a nice state of shagginess.

Now Owen's got more hair than Will -- but Rob's threatening to do the buzz on him too (to clean up the wispy bits). I lobbied against that idea -- if the poor kid has almost none of the stuff, surely we should let him keep what little he has?

But Will sided with Rob: "Dad, because mommy can't stop a hair cut you can just do it! That's the only thing I say."

I guess I better get used to not getting my way.


Grace said...

Oh he looks so cute!!!!

daveback said...

I'll vote for Rob's Buzz-cut's for everyone. :) I know about mother's attachment to their son's hair. When I had my hair cut from 24 inches to 3/4" in one setting, I sent her my pony tail as a memento that she still has today.

Allow the boys to be boys! :)

Annie Addington said...

I remember that ponytail! Do moms still get nostalgic when you cut hair that long?

Rob will be glad to hear of your support for the winter buzz cuts. And I kind of like tussling Will's barely there hair now. Still voting for a return to hair one day though -- but I'll try not to be too oppressive about it.