Monday, November 17, 2008

First hair cut

This weekend, we gave Owen a spur-of-the-moment first hair cut, before a bedtime shower with dad. I was still waiting for Owen to grow enough hair to make it worth cutting, but Rob persuaded me that it was time for the wispy bits behind the ear to go.

I ran for the camera and took a quick before and after shot, which could become a sort of vision test (Can you tell the difference between the boy’s hair in photo A versus photo B?). We were rushing bedtime too much to wait for a cute smile so we settled for these baby mug shots – featuring Owen with a deer-in-headlights look sporting just a smidgen of snot beneath the nose and drool beneath the mouth (Vision test 2: How many glistening spots of bodily fluid can you detect on this neglected baby's face?). No glamour here, just documentation.

Now that I have time to reflect on it, I'm feeling a bit sentimental about those little wisps (which have of course been safely stowed in an envelope to be inserted in Owen's baby book). I kind of miss them already.

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