Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend photo album from Lake Rabun

Will enjoys his fourth birthday party in one week (if you count the cupcakes at preschool) with Nana, Papa and “Aunt Leash.” Yes it's getting ridiculous, but he had to share this one with his mama, who’s beginning to sprout little wiry white hairs at age 32.

This is called “water skiing in the inner tube.” Suggest Will’s not yet big enough to water ski and he protests loudly. This IS water skiing.

Rob and the boys and I take a half mile hike through tunnels of rhododendron beside Joe Creek. Only it’s not your average Joe creek. Lengthy, if not exactly roaring, waterfalls cascade down steep rock faces at hike’s end. Will does the ascent on his own steam, then splashes around with his tennis shoes at the foot of the waterfall and gets a ride on daddy’s shoulders for most of the trip back. We enjoy his erratic toddler pace – first low gear as he stops every yard to pick up more baby pine cones or green acorns for his pocket collection, then high gear as we run, hand in hand to avoid tumbling over tree roots, laughing as we go.

Papa grills pineapple brushed with brown sugar and beer butt chicken (that’s a whole chicken basted in barbecue sauce with a can of Budweiser thrust up its hollowed innards). Then the younger generations come to pose for the annual grilling photo – as if they were of any help…

Will enjoys his first – and second -- canoe ride…

while Owen sleeps and sleeps on Nana. And then sleeps some more.

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